My Bankruptcy Attorney in West Covina

Just a quick shout out to the best attorney in town of West Covina or borderline Covina area.This lawyer or you may say “attorney” took care of all my problems, including the harassing wife. Attorneys are not created equal, for the large companies that you have stumbled upon, are just too big to care and they are all about how many they can get in, instead how many they can change lives or help families. I know I have been around the big law offices, they have the cute reception to young to understand what’s happening to your life. Dont these companies know that they are talking about your financial life and moving forward can make and change your destiny. I suppose that they to do this kind of thing day in and day out they are immune to people’s real plight. That they forget that this is not just numbers that they are looking at, and not just fees they are collecting but these are families that are deeply affected by debts and money.

So I say to you, don’t go buy into the big Law offices, and fancy conference rooms or corner office, don’t even think that these lawyers or attorneys are above you. Remember they are collecting money, they work for you, not the other way around. They have to earn your business.

Dont let fancy big words impress you, ask them what they can do for you. What can you expect from them. Don’t be shy to ask, what you want this bankruptcy to do for you. Remember this Filing for Bankruptcy is your right. This is a protection againts creditors and they the attorneys are there to use every protection that this law allows for you. So ask the questions and demand some kind of understanding and reasonable expectations. You are paying for their fees and they should give you the best service possible. For the people out there, trying to save some money and I know what that is about. But for god sakes, don’t do it with this important matter, specially when we are declaring war with all the creditors that you owe money to. You think they have attorneys, you think they are in the business of lending money and not have a legal or illegal ways to collect from you? Think again my friend. Find a good bankruptcy attorney that small enough to care, and big enough to handle big tough cases, but never the office that see you as a number. So try my recommendation. Law office of Nisson and Nisson, been around a long time, but never too big not to care. If you going to spend some money for protection, shouldn’t you get the best that you can afford.